Beaded Fish 42cm x 30cm. Apoxy Sculpt Base Angelina Film Tail and Fins.

Non of the following are for sale, however if you are interested in learning the process please contact me for details.

Made with Apoxy Sculpt embedded with Beads and metal scales. Tail made using Angelina Film.


Beaded Teapot Dragon 

Apoxy sculpt clay imbedded with over 1200 beads, pearls and metal scales over a silver teapot.

Peacock Cage Doll

Polymer Clay sculptured head body,arms and violin. Dress is a small bird cage that houses a beaded peacock. All beads are imbedded in apoxy sculpt.


Black and Gold Beaded Cage Doll.

Won Grand Champion Art Doll at the 2015 Canberra Show.

Apoxy Sculpt Head Hands and Body. Black and gold Beads embedded with Apoxy sculpt over a half cage housing a crystal

Beaded Fish Blue Colourings. Beads imbedded into apoxy sculpt on a metal stand.




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